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You own a business; you have a family to support.

Your life is weighed down with ‘What Ifs’: what happens if you have an accident, what happens if your business partner becomes ill or dies, what happens if a key person in your business leaves? How will you survive?
Life is filled with unexpected events that can spell disaster. So it’s crucial to get things right before they go wrong.
Caro & Co Insurance Specialists is dedicated to eliminating the risks in your life, allowing you to rest easy, sleep at night. Guaranteeing you peace of mind.
Caro & Co is built strong on the foundations of caring and justice. Caring for your business and personal wellbeing and security. Just treatment for just results.
The company is dedicated to tailoring risk mitigation strategies to fit each individual client and their individual circumstances – no one-size-fit-all quick fixes here – ensuring you and your family do not suffer financial impact through loss, ill health, death or disaster.

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Eliminate the What Ifs

Advice is independent, completely objective, and outcomes are guaranteed.

Caro & Co is not aligned to one product provider, which gives them the flexibility to align products to suit your own personal or business needs.
Caro & Co’s support for each one of their clients doesn’t stop once the insurance policies are signed. They understand claiming can be fraught with stresses, and firmly believe in caring for you throughout the process, liaising with insurance companies on your behalf.
Caro & Co’s mission is to ensure you get the right advice for today’s plans, advice that will see you through to your future goals.
Eliminate the What Ifs. Guarantee you, your business and your family can cope financially, maintain your lifestyle no matter what curve ball life throws you.


Find out how Caro & Co can help you and your family or business.


Have you secured your family’s financial future if the unexpected was to happen?


Can your business survive without you or one of your keypersons?

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See what our valuable clients have to say about Caro & Co.

Sally & Ross Mutton (Hamilton)

The team Caro has behind her is outstanding. We were never left wondering…

Patsy & Brian King (Hamilton)

At one time we questioned whether we needed this particular policy, but when something so unexpected happened, we were so eternally grateful…

Kerry & Stacy Cramond (Cambridge)

We really felt the insurance Caro recommended was personalised to fit us…

Industry Memberships

NZFAA: New Zealand Financial Advisers Association is a professional body, which provides industry and business seminars.

MDRT: Million Dollar Round Table – Global Financial Advisers Association. This global organisation provides the top industry advisers globally to share ideas among peers and world-renown speakers. Caro is a New Zealand delegate and committee member.

ISO: Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme. Industry compliance obliges insurance specialists to belong to a scheme to which clients can refer, over and above the individual specialist.

FSP: Financial Services Provider is the body to which Caro & Co is registered to practice.

RFA: Caro is a qualified Registered Financial Adviser.

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Caro & Co’s vision and direction

Caro & Co’s WHY

The disciplines of work hard and doing the right thing drive Caro & Co. It’s a business that believes in the key elements of ‘Looking after each other, nurturing each other and caring for each other’ for all stakeholders.

Caro & Co is founded on the principles of “WHY” “Who are our stakeholders?
The people. It is all about the people. We create security for families’ financial future, either via their employers and their employees, our contractors, our key support networks and industry providers, our community. Our families.
What is our philosophy?
To make both personal and business decisions based on integrity and with dignity. To do the right thing We stand for justice – just behaviour and just treatment for all our stakeholders. Justice – standing beside you
Our mission statement
To continue to build a practice that is sustainable to all stakeholders. Sustainability through health and wealth
Our vision
To continue to grow our practice through our culture, values and beliefs. Harmony.”
Simon Sinek: ‘Bringing WHY to Life’

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