Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

We all know it’s inevitable that we will die one day, but sometimes this can be sooner than later, whether it is via a random accident, an illness such as Cancer or an inherited condition or tragically as we see more and more via suicide.  Life insurance guarantees there are funds available to take care of your family, debt, mortgage, and provide for your loved ones and the lifestyle you would want for them.

Life insurance will pay a lump sum of money, or a regular payment, on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness, allowing you to create financial security for your loved ones.
Life insurance can help pay for:

  • Funeral costs.
  • Day-to-day living costs.
  • A grieving period, including time off work.
  • Other expenses, such as flying in family for the funeral.
  • Repayment of debt.
  • Retirement funds.
  • Education costs.

Caro & Co will appraise your risk and highlight what is appropriate cover for your individual situation, and they will be there to help you and your family through the claims process.


Trauma Insurance

The scariest moment for all of us is hearing we have cancer or another major illness, then told of the procedure or surgery required and the subsequent recovery time.
Time off work and the inability to do simple daily routines can have a major impact on your finances.

The funds from a claim will assist you with  You may decide to pay off some of the mortgage, pay for additional medical support your recovery or your partner may need to take time off to support you during this time.

Children suffer from major illnesses too. Their trauma insurance provides you with funds to cover your time off work or additional incidentals such as petrol, hotels, food etc. other siblings may require the cost of child care financed.

Income Protection

What would happen to you and your family if you could no longer earn an income? Would you be able to pay debts, feed the family, maintain your lifestyle? Income protection will cover you for illness or accident, particularly if ACC deems your injury degenerative.
An income protection policy should work hand in hand with Mortgage Repayment Insurance, which does not have offsets of other income such as ACC.

  • Are you self-employed? Caro & Co work with income protection products that smooth out the humps of irregular income periods, ensuring your claim is processed quickly and to your financial benefit.

Are you a sole trader? Caro & Co ensures you have the appropriate income protection in place and guarantees your ACC Cover Plus Xtra policy is considered when assessing the amount of protection required.

Mortgage Protection

Have you ever wondered how you will pay your mortgage if you are unable to work due to accident or illness?

Having a mortgage is one of your biggest financial commitments in your life and ensuring that you and your family continues to have a roof over your heads can be a big weight on your shoulders. Caro & Co will be able to help relieve this weight from your shoulders by helping you with implementing the right mortgage protection cover, not all mortgage covers are equal therefore it is important to get the right advice. This cover is available even if  you don’t have a mortgage.

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

What if you suffered a long-term illness or disability? Most would agree the early death of an income earner would cause a serious financial strain for those left behind, but the financial strain would be just as serious if that income earner became totally disabled. In some cases, the hardship could be worse, as ongoing daily living and medical costs could be significant.
Caro & Co will work out the right TPD cover for you, one that provides a lump sum that can be used in any way you wish to help secure your family’s financial future.

Medical Insurance

Private medical cover will cover the private medical costs of a surgical procedure up to $600,000 per procedure per year for each life assured. It will pay for private hospital costs for required non-surgical treatment up to $500,000 per year for each life assured. Additional costs, including Medsafe approved drugs, over and above government subsidies (Pharmac drugs), are also covered.
Costs of related specialist consultations and tests in the six months after private surgery or treatment are covered.
Private medical cover will pay the costs of diagnostic tests up to a maximum of $300,000 per year for each life assured (certain exclusions apply). Medical tourism cover may allow you to choose to have treatment available in New Zealand done overseas, within six months of recommendation.