Sally & Ross Mutton (Hamilton)

Our lives changed dramatically on August 22, 2014. Lazing on the couch at 9.30pm, my body went into cardiac arrest. Thinking very quickly, my husband managed to save my life by doing CPR.
I didn’t know anything until 3.30am the following day when I woke up in Waikato Hospital very confused and faced with the reality of what had just happened.
Throughout our marriage Ross and I have always had some sort of insurance. We had known Caro for some years and had talked to her about what options were available to us to protect our future.
After long discussions, Caro was able to direct us into the areas of insurance she felt were right for us. Her product knowledge is outstanding, so any questions we had were able to be answered quickly and correctly.
After my cardiac arrest, not even thinking about the financial future of us both, we were informed very quickly that I had trauma insurance which gave us a lump sum amount of money for times of need. Along with that came mortgage protection insurance – another blessing.
After a return to partly normal life while I was recovering from a cardiac arrest, Ross thought he should check up on the troubles that have been happening for the past year. Sure enough he is now booked into having a heart procedure.
Again thanks to Caro and her team he has medical insurance enabling him to have surgery straight away rather than having to wait. Obviously this procedure is very costly so we would not have been able to finance it ourselves.
The team Caro has behind her is outstanding. We were never left wondering: immediate answers, service and dedication come with no hesitation.
Thank you again from the bottom of both of our hearts for your commitments to us throughout these past few months.