Patsy & Brian King (Hamilton)

Caro Gatley has recently taken over the responsibility of our insurance portfolios. Recently I had an unknown and sudden medical emergency, requiring a double heart bypass within a week of the policy approval. At such a vulnerable and emotional time for us, Caro had all pre-surgery, surgery and hospital care pre-approved and paid promptly, removing a lot of pressure and uncertainty for us.
She managed it all seamlessly, and without fuss. At no time did we feel I could not have the attention or specialist care I needed. In fact, she still supports us with the approval and payment of my follow-up care.
At one time we questioned whether we needed this particular policy, but when something so unexpected happened, we were so eternally grateful, and recommend that you must seriously consider what could be around the corner for you too.
Caro has been a blessing for us, and we can recommend her wholeheartedly as your personal insurance adviser. We cannot believe the lengths she went to for us, and are very appreciative of all she did. She certainly deserves these accolades.