Kerry & Stacy Cramond (Cambridge)

We initially met with Caro in December 2014. We were already dealing with another insurance agent, but we didn’t have a lot of confidence in his knowledge of what the best insurance products for us were – he seemed to be selling us the cheapest options based on the standard insurance that we already had from the bank.
When we met Caro, she impressed us with her knowledge of what was really the best insurance for us and our business. Our income streams are a little complicated, but she understood and recommended insurance to suit.
We really felt the insurance Caro recommended was personalised to fit us – it was not just the cheapest option.
Beginning insurance can be complicated – there are so many forms to fill in and all sorts of other documents that are needed from our accountants and doctors. Stacy even had to have bloods done.
If it were left to us, we would have probably put it in the too-hard basket and just stuck with the bank insurance, however with Caro on board, this process was made so much easier!
Caro even hassled the accountant and doctors for us, so the correct forms were sent as quickly as possible. She made sure Stacy got his bloods done and we were all insured by mid-January 2015.
On May 14, 2015 Stacy dislocated and broke his elbow.
While we were waiting in the emergency department Stacy suddenly thought ‘Caro said to ring her immediately if anything ever happened to us’, so Stacy rang. Not only did Caro immediately get our insurance claim underway, she even brought dinner around for us that night!
With any insurance claim there are, of course, more documents to sign and forms to get filled in. Caro made it so easy. She brought the forms around, helped us fill them in and then when we had no luck getting the correct forms from the hospital, she took over and somehow managed to get them.
When they insurance payments came through, we couldn’t believe it. It made things so much easier – we didn’t have to worry about money at all.
When Stacy again dislocated his elbow in March this year, we thought there was no way insurance would cover us like that again – not for the same injury. However, we rang Caro and lo and behold, she did it again. We were indeed covered for a second injury. Again, we could focus on the best treatment and not have to worry about money.
I cannot recommend Caro enough. If we hadn’t met Caro, things would have been very different. We are procrastinators – especially when it comes to things like insurance.
Financially we would have struggled if we didn’t have this cover, with Stacy unable to work. He would have been forced to return before he healed and probably done much more damage. Instead, now we have the correct insurance for us, and an assertive insurance specialist on our team, so all he needs to worry about is his recovery. Thanks Caro!